Programs 2024


Lessons at Cedar Park Pool (Olympic Way)

2024 Lessons

  • Session 1: June 24th – July 18th
  • Session 2: July 22nd – August 14th

Morning Lessons

Night Lessons

  • Parents are not required in the water for lessons
  • Instructors will be teaching in the water
  • Space is limited – please register early
  • Morning lessons are 4 times per week, Monday to Thursday, from 8h30 to 11h
  • Night lessons are 2 times per week, Tuesdays & Thursdays OR Monday & Wednesday @ 17h & 17h30
  • We offer 2 sessions
    • Session 1 – June 24 to July 18
    • Session 2 – July 22 to Aug 14
  • Class lists & schedules will be posted prior to the start of session 1 on or before June 21st

Swim Team

The principal goal of the swim team coaches will be to create a fun environment of friendly competition. The coaching philosophy at Cedar is to stay focused on the spirit of summer swimming. All our swimmers, no matter what level, will get equal attention in the water, and everybody will get a chance to compete. Groups practice by age categories: 8 & under (must be able to swim a lap un-assisted); 9-10; 11-12; 13-14 and 15 and over) Monday to Friday for 45 minutes. Swim meets are every Wednesday evening. All levels are welcome!


The program is for youngsters 6 and under and aims to develop swimming and proper stroke by combining games and activities. A 30-minute “practice” in the water where each child will improve their swimming through play. Junior Junior is a superb introduction to the swim team and is always a lot of fun. The children in the program are generally at an advanced yellow swimming level and between the ages of 4 and 6.

Water Polo

We have four competitive teams, and 2 categories, 14 and under and 16 and under, that participate in the ALPS summer league. Cedar has a long successful history with Water polo, and our dedicated and well-trained coaching staff is there to help everyone progress throughout the season. Water Polo is a great way to stay in shape, meet new people, and have fun all summer long. We hope many of you will sign up and come out this year!


Whether you are interested in the dive team or dive lessons, we have both programs for you. Lessons will allow children to learn the basic principles of the sport in a safe and enthusiastic environment. Lessons are Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday for 45 minutes and the basic skills are taught (front jump, back jump, front dive and hurdles). Everyone is encouraged to come out and give diving a try, regardless of age or experience. Practices for the team are held 2 times a week, Tuesday and Thursday, and the dive meets are Sunday mornings and competitors are divided by age groups.


At Cedar we are offering our synchro program, and boys and girls can enjoy this very fun and entertaining program. With solo, duets and teams, this program may require more dedication than some of the other programs, however it is all worth while as your children will learn about the sport, how to work in a team and improve their swimming skills. With competitions during the month of August, our kids will demonstrate their routines learned during the summer. Members interested in this program should be present during the first week of the program or talk to any of our synchro coaches.

Other Programs


The aqua fitness program offers adults of all ages and fitness levels a cool, pleasant workout in the water. Each session features a warm-up, an easy aerobic routine, abdominal exercises and a cool-down. Everyone can work at their own pace and the Oldies music brings back memories of summers past.

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross

Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross are available to all members 13 and over, who are interested in learning everything about first aid. After completion of the course, students will have achieved the first steps necessary in becoming a certified lifeguard, as well as have gained knowledge that can be applied in everyday lives such as first aid and CPR. An additional fee is required for a pocket mask, national lifesaving society handbook and for the final examination.


Teens and kids age 12 and up meet and participate in the life of the pool with the Leaders program. They are encouraged to help out with babysitting during aqua fitness and in the canteen. They organize hotdog lunches and pancake breakfasts to raise money for a year-end activity. The program is designed to encourage young adolescents to take part in pool activities. Leaders will learn responsibility by helping lifeguards perform simple tasks around the pool and by helping organize events and fundraisers. The leaders may also have an end-of-season outing. 

Master’s Program

The Master’s program is designed for adults who would like to improve their strokes and also get in great shape. This program is not competitive and will be adjusted to the needs of every type of swimmer. The Master’s program is a great way to get in shape and to have fun.