FAQs (2022 – please note some of this information is out of date, updates are pending)


Can I swim at the pool without a membership?

We require that everyone that wishes to swim at Cedar Park Pool and have access to our programs must be a member. Memberships are purchased for a summer (June – August) and more information on our membership options can be found on the membership tab of our website.

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Is registration online or in person?

Registration will be held primarily online this year. The details on what we are offering, and how to register can be found on the membership page of the website. However, if you wish to register in-person, there will be a small in-person registration on June 5th from 10 AM – 2 PM at Cedar Park Pool.

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How do I register for a membership?

Navigate to the membership page on our website to learn about what we are offering and how to register.

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How do I pay for my membership?

Below are the fees for the 2021 summer. There are two ways to pay for your membership:
– at Cedar Park Pool: cheque or exact cash
– via E-Transfer: see invoice for details

Cheques are payable to: Cedar Park Heights Pool

More information on our membership can be found at our membership page on our website.

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Omnify Reservation

Which programs are offered through the Omnify registration system?

The following programs are offered through our Omnify reservation: free swim, adult swim, aquafit.

Places for all our other programs need to be requested in the registration form during registration: swim team, dive team, synchro team, water polo team, lessons.

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How do I reserve a time slot?

All reservation blocks (adult swim, free swim, aquafit) will be open for reservation one week ahead of time through our Omnify system.
If you would like to reserve a slot for yourself or a family member, select the block you would like to reserve on the Omnify website and proceed to book it on your preferred date.

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Programs & Lessons

What time will each lesson level be at?

Lessons will be taught from the more advanced levels first, to the lower levels last during the 8:00 AM to 11:10 AM block. Consequently, levels like gold, silver, bronze and blue will be taught starting at 8:00 AM; levels like red and green will be taught around 9:00 AM; levels like yellow and white will be taught around 10:00 AM. A precise schedule of the lesson groups and times will be posted on the website once registration is complete.

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How do I get a lesson or team spot for my child?

Lesson spots and team spots are reserved for each child at the time of registration. All you have to do is to indicate your child’s swim level and that they will be participating in lessons on the registration form.
Please note that class sizes and program spots are constrained due to safety guidelines from COVID-19. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many persons as possible, on a first come first served basis.
However, children registered as of June 6th may be placed on a waiting list for lessons or programs that have reached their maximum capacity.

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How do I know what time my child’s lesson is at?

The lesson schedule will be posted on the website once registration is complete. Our social media platforms and a post on our home page will announce the new lesson schedule when it is ready.

Will Cedar Park offer Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross this summer?

Unfortunately, Cedar Park will not be offering any lifesaving course for the 2021 summer. If you are interested in taking these classes, we suggest you refer to the Pointe-Claire website.


Where can we check the schedule?

Our schedule is posted on the schedule page on our website. Please note that the schedule is tentative, as it is subject to changing COVID-19 guidelines, registration numbers, and staffing.

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